As a matter of fact, yes, my title is also the name of, argueably, one of the band, The Who’s, best album. The lyrics song by Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend were pretty prolific for their time. But this title came to mind with the passing of one of the most important persons of our time, Nelson Mandela.

I find it interesting that we don’t usually put labels like, “Changed the lives of millions for the good”, or, “Was loved my millions”, on too many presidents of this country. But Mr. Mandela, like Martin L. King Jr, did and was exactly that. Their “term” wasn’t just 4 years and out, they were both in it for the long run  (that is, until some hater killed MLK). And tho both of these men were black (MLK being African-American, and Mandela being African), their efforts affected folks of all races and ethnicities. Their efforts made this world a better place, and helped us, Americans, better understand who we are and what is good.

So, the question now is: Who’s Next? Who will be the next to step up for the poor? the neglected? the misunderstood? In Dave Matthews album, Big Whiskey, the first passage in his song, Dive In, goes, “I saw a man on the side of the road with a sign that read ‘will work for food’/ Tried to look busy, ’til the light turned green”. How many of us are that person “trying to look busy until the light turns green”?

With the Christmas holiday upon us, many of us will be heading for the malls and stores to buy “stuff and things” for family and friends. I often wonder how it would feel if each of us were to walk down an aisle with EVERYTHING we had ever owned on either side of that aisle. How long would it take for us to walk down that aisle way? And how much of our “stuff and things” would we look at and say, “I owned/bought that? What was i thinking?!”

Wouldn’t it be something if each of us were to not try and look busy when that homeless man or woman are standing next to us? And wouldn’t it be something if we had a giving attitude thru out the year, and not just during “the season?  Who’s next?                                                                       <><